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Who’ll be first to enter?

28 Jan

Loads of you met our team at the Toy Fair earlier this week and will know that the Rainbow Toy Awards are now open for entry.

As you know, each item that is submitted for entry is reviewed online so the sooner the entries come in, the sooner your review goes live!  We’ll publicise the very first entry in the trade press too – so I wonder who  will be first?

What Next?

4 Jan

So, you’ve arrived on the awards site and there’s not much happening….where next?

If you are a toy supplier/manufacturer then you need to see the tabs above and download your entry form.

If you have clicked here from a blog and are looking around to see what’s happening, well not much until September 30th 2011 to be honest!  You’ll need to view Regards Rainbow, our sister site for all the action until then!

Then click back here at 10am on September 30th 2011 to see the awards unfold and see who wins!

Next step of course is to use the awards site to help you plan your Christmas shopping!

Open for Entry!!

3 Jan




Open for entry – early entries would be appreciated if you can!

Our Sister Site

2 Jan

Our sister site is and worth a look.

Once the awards get into full swing, we will be reviewing entries on this site, as a little taster before the awards are announced.  So be sure to check there regularly.

This awards site won’t do much until September 30th 2011, the day the awards are announced.  Meanwhile, Regards Rainbow will be the place to look for reviews, humour, comment, news and much more.

Why not hop over and see what we are up to today…

Our testers are being chosen…

1 Jan

All of our testers are now being verified and approved.

For the Rainbow Awards we’ll be having the toys tested by a variety of children in a wide variety of settings – so their parents, childminders, teachers and suchlike are all now being officially ‘approved’.

If you would like to consider becoming a Toy Tester please email us.

Any Toy Tester who has a blog will display the following logo to let everyone know they are an approved tester for the Rainbow Awards!

Awards News…

1 Jan

We have our own QR code now, so look for this around the industry….. it ensures awards news is available to anyone with the app who clicks the code!




rainbow awards

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