Molkky – the outdoor craze from Finland!

4 May

Molkky is a best selling outdoor family game from Finland and has just been entered into the Rainbow Awards!
Tactic Games have now brought Molkky to the UK. Already a craze in Finland, Molkky is made from wood from replenishable forests. Molkky is an eco-friendly toy with both minimal packaging and minimal air miles to the UK.
Outdoor fun for all the family is what has made Molkky an instant hit. The rules are simple with the first player to knock down 50 points worth of skittles using the wooden throwing pin becoming the winner. The secret of Molkky’s success is the fact it can be played on many levels with a variety of skills and strategy, ensuring mum and dad can happily play along with the teenagers, in fact, even the youngest member of the family can master Molkky!

Molkky is available from Amazon at £39.99

More information is at

I wonder what our approved testers will say about it?

One Response to “Molkky – the outdoor craze from Finland!”

  1. John Biddleston May 17, 2011 at 4:18 pm #

    Great idea!! Simple and fun!! (“,)

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