Award Category: Puzzles

30 Sep

Winner                                iBALL3


Age Suitability                  8-80 years

Price                                      £19.99

Stockists                              Hamley’s, Tesco, Toys R Us

More information   

iball3 is a clear ball with an electronic display within.  Enabling six lights in a sequence to light up all the same colour with a certain time is the aim and there are two levels of play.  Succeed and a code will allow access to interactive parts of the iball3 website.

The testers said “This toy has been passed around a group of 12 year olds so many times!” and “Un-put-downable” plus “Quite frustrating, I’d definitely consider buying this as a gift for someone”


Highly Commended       MEMORY

By GoGo Toys

Age Suitability                  3-adult

Price                                      £29.99

Stockists                              Amazon

More information 

The aptly named Memory game is a delight in natural wood.  Approximately 30cm square, the game has 16 peep holes and 16 green mushroom shaped ‘lids’ with easy grip handles.  The four playing cards (double sided making eight times the fun) are inserted into the side of the base so the pictures can peep through… There are eight different themes to pick pairs from so that memory can be tested and taxed to the limit; the themes include vehicles, mini beasts, food, and many more!

The testers said “We thoroughly enjoyed this game, Noah could not wait to try the next sheet of pairs”

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