Our Toy Testers…

3 Oct

What’s special about the Rainbow Toy Awards is our testers.  They are all kids, children, little ones, tiny tots….  whatever you want to call them – they are by far the most important people in the toy industry!

Our testers have their helpers either a parent, child minder or teacher to help them tell us what they think, but they choose the winners for each category.  There are not many awards that have this vital feature. 

What’s more, many of our mums and dads are also bloggers too, and throughout the process have blogged about the products that their household has tested.  Not giving away any top secret scoring of course, but sending important back links to the company and traffic to their site. 

Our combined testers unique visitors to their blogs are just a little shy of one million readers!  And many of them have also written about the award ceremony itself including:

The Madhouse Family Reviews

Boo, Roo and Tigger Too 

Emmy’s Mummy

As the important run up to Christmas begins, we’ll be letting you know where to buy all the award winning toys, so check back later in the week for a “one click” where to buy feature – making present buying easier for you!

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