Toy Fair Report 2012 – A guest post from Marisworld

2 Feb

Intrepid reporter and toy tester, Mari from Marisworld headed off, on a cold January morning to Toy Fair 2012.

Here’s a snippet of what she saw, the full report can be seen on her Marisworld blog.

“I had my first Press Pass hanging around my neck as I visited some of the hundreds of stands representing toy brands from near and far. A true paradise for any serious toy lover like moi! The stands were displaying their very best and if it had been a market I could have spent thousands of pounds…

I also got to see and try out the prototypes from big names, toys you will see appearing on the shelves come the summer or autumn but definitely in time for Christmas 2012! Here’s a selection below;

john crane ltd

The Leapfrog stand was incredibly interesting as I was shown prototypes for learning toys being put together for this summer/autumn, it’s interesting to see the amount of work and thought that goes into each product, the girls on the stand explained to me that nobody dreamt the Leapfrog Explorer would have been the phenomenon it became and that was why they got caught out and the product sold out so quickly. However, I am assured that for those of us that had to go without there are container loads on the way to the UK so do watch this space, I’ve been told I will get the nod as they hit the stores.

My next stop was the Lego stand, we’ve had Lego in our family since we could toddle and my brother was a huge fan of their Star Wars range which can be found now looking even better than in his day. I saw lots of fabulous products coming out in the autumn but I wasn’t allowed to take photos of them, all very Top Secret.

At another stand there were Bananas in Pyjamas. We adore them in this house and manage to catch most of the show before we head out the door to preschool in the morning.

Playmobil have the perfect alternative to the chocolate egg coming out for Easter, a Playmobil egg with toys inside, perfect for the families who want to reduce their chocolate intake this year. I saw the popular Advent Calendars ready for this Christmas again for those who want to reduce sugar intake over the festive season these are perfect plus they can be used as countdowns to exciting dates such as birthdays, holidays, end of school and so on.

Hornby have some fabulous collectors pieces out this year for the Queens Jubilee for the Olymipcs.

I finished off at the John Crane stand, I spoke doll’s houses for quite some time with Stewart who creates them giving feedback on what works for us and what doesn’t, watch this space for a fabulous new one coming out at the end of the year.

They have added a few new brands to their range the Italians Sevi (utterly gorgeous) and Trudi, I couldn’t refuse a photo with that huggable bear, an American Company B, the musical keyboard and the caught my eye but there are Spinaroos and toddlers keys and phones too.”

We can see Mari had a fabulous time at Toy Fair!  Check out her post to see Mari with a life-size teddy bear!

There were also plenty of information flyers for the Rainbow Awards being dropped off at stands, and we’re looking forward to seeing our first entry, as Mari saw, there is certainly a lot to choose from this year!

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