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Good Luck Zara!

31 Jul

With her horse being called ToyTown – the Rainbow Toy Awards are rooting for Zara Phillips and her Olympic hopes!

80% of mums shop online…..

31 Jul

44 per cent of UK mums shop online with smartphones, research reveals.

A new survey by flash sale website Casabu reveals 80 per cent of mums shop online every month and almost half do so via a smartphone. Mums are making use of all of the modern technology at their disposal with 94 per cent shopping online from their home PC or laptop, 44 per cent using their smartphone or mobile, 31 per cent using tablet computers and 26 per cent their work PC or laptop. Rachel Oxburgh, CEO of Casabu, said: “This research confirms that mums are looking for great deals on exciting brands and that they will make use of the full range of technology available to ensure they don’t miss out.

” More than half of the 1000 mums surveyed by flash sales website Casabu, in association with Mumsnet, always compare prices when they shop online. “Mums still want to dress their children and themselves in quality brands, but economic necessity means they want to find great deals.” Added Oxburgh.

Story Courtesy of ToyNews July 2012

Arts and crafts worth £274.9m in 2011 – says ToyNews

28 Jul

The sector grew ten per cent in value last year, according to NPD.

The creative play market, or arts and crafts as it’s known in NPD categories, was worth £274.9m for the full year 2011. It grew ten per cent in value and seven per cent in volume (source: NPD Consumer Panel). 

Arts and crafts attracts consumers from all age groups, with 40 per cent of all sales coming from products for children aged two to five years old. The eight to 11 age group was the fastest growing area in the last year, in terms of value. Overall, girls account for around two thirds of all purchases with sales growing faster than boys, up 13 per cent compared to boys’ growth of five per cent. This shows that even with new technology available, some traditional toy areas continue to perform strongly.

The largest area of arts and crafts in 2012 is craft kits, accounting for nearly a third of all sales and growing (source: NPD EPOS Panel). Strong brands include Flair’s Aquabeads and Cool Cardz and Bandai’s Badge It, all of which are growing and gaining share. Crayons and sets remain a core area for creative play and account for around £3 in every £10 spent. This is the heartland for Crayola, which is still the top property in total arts and crafts. Reusable compounds remain strong, with Play-Doh continuing to grow on top of last year’s growth. Paint kits have also grown year-to-date, driven by strong performances from Gelarti and Inscribe.

While licensing does not account for a large proportion of arts and crafts sales – just nine per cent of the total value – there are some licences which play a strong part in the category. Hello Kitty has performed very well within the creative play arena and is the largest licensed and the third largest property within the market. Hello Kitty has items in most of the arts and crafts categories and is growing by 36 per cent.

Disney Princess, Cars and Peppa Pig remain the strongest licences, but recent months have seen Monster High emerge. No doubt Moshi Monsters will be just around the corner too.

The arts and crafts sector is less reliant on technology and the latest licences, but still has strong children and parent appeal. However, there is plenty of opportunity for creativity in this key area of the toy market.

Story courtesy of ToyNews magazine


Retro Toys are such a Hit!

26 Jul

The Cabbage Patch Kids worked up a storm at the launch of Harrods’ new Toy Kingdom.

This summer will see the revival of the 80s toy phenomenon as a whole new generation of Cabbage Patch Kids are born. Officially launched at the weekend at Harrods’ new multi-sensory toy zone, people queued around the clock to be the first to try and get their hands on the latest crop of kids.

A dedicated ‘birthing centre’ within the Toy Kingdom saw Cabbage Patch babies hand delivered by a ‘Licensed Patch Nurse’, and then immediately put up for adoption for children lucky enough to get a front-row seat. Emerging from a giant mound of Cabbage leaves, babies sprouted up from the ground before being wrapped in blankets and given individual names by boys and girls in the audience, along with their very own one-of-a-kind birthing certificate.

Story Courtesy of  Toyworld

The Testers are Ready!

24 Jul

The testing has begun!  Products are pouring into the office and our testers are ready to get started!

Many of our testers are bloggers too, so we’re allowing them to review the toy on their site too, this gives added valuable coverage to the new products but bloggers know that the scores they gave must be kept top secret until the ‘big day’ ! 

The awards will happen live online on September 28th, starting mid morning, so add the date into your diary now!

Keep your eyes peeled, you may see a Rainbow Award entry reviewed by one of our blogging partners soon….

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