80% of mums shop online…..

31 Jul

44 per cent of UK mums shop online with smartphones, research reveals.

A new survey by flash sale website Casabu reveals 80 per cent of mums shop online every month and almost half do so via a smartphone. Mums are making use of all of the modern technology at their disposal with 94 per cent shopping online from their home PC or laptop, 44 per cent using their smartphone or mobile, 31 per cent using tablet computers and 26 per cent their work PC or laptop. Rachel Oxburgh, CEO of Casabu, said: “This research confirms that mums are looking for great deals on exciting brands and that they will make use of the full range of technology available to ensure they don’t miss out.

” More than half of the 1000 mums surveyed by flash sales website Casabu, in association with Mumsnet, always compare prices when they shop online. “Mums still want to dress their children and themselves in quality brands, but economic necessity means they want to find great deals.” Added Oxburgh.

Story Courtesy of ToyNews July 2012

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