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Gurgle Magazine – Consumer Press Links…

31 Aug

Our pals over at Gurgle Magazine are keen to hear who the winners are later this month! 

What’s more, they are offering a Rainbow Award Special, for advertising in their Christmas issue of the magazine.   Once winners are announced, we’ll be sending the winners badges out via email to use in advertising and at the same time we’ll send Gurgle’s contact details too.

Gurgle magazine: a gorgeous glossy parenting magazine for mums! With a circulation of over 40,000 and growing each month!

Gurgle magazine is the perfect treat for mums. Mums can dip in and out of it in those rare moments when they have time to themself. And even better, there’s amazing savings in every issue, so mums can have a great read and bag a bargain too!

Gurgle magazine is available in all Mothercare stores and Early Learning Centres and in selected supermarkets and newsagents, so why not pick up a copy for just £2.50 and take a look today!

Parents spend more than £10,000 buying toys for each child before they turn 18

28 Aug

A new study has discovered that competitive parenting and peer pressure was increasing parents spend on toys for their children.

One in six parents feel “under pressure” to ensure their youngster has the latest accessories, despite the fact that the trend for expensive play has fuelled money worries. The report, commissioned by the makers of Ribena Plus, 
questioned more than 2,000 parents and found that 71 per cent said they thought their own low-tech ‘simpler’ childhoods were more fun. But 17 per cent said they felt like ‘not a good enough parent’ if they could not afford to buy their child the latest craze.

In the report, Sally Goddard Blythe, a neuropsychologist, said there was now ‘less play that develops gross and fine motor skills, less robust, physical play experiences and less social interaction and communication’.

Story Courtesy of Toys n Playthings Magazine

Duplo made us all hungry…

25 Aug

The entries are still rolling in, even though the Rainbow Awards 2012 deadline is looming…

One entry in particular from Duplo had us all drooling, well it was nearly elevensees when the postie arrived.

The unique LEFGO Duplo Creative Cakes includes candles, cupcakes, muffins, meringues and pastel coloured bricks, which preschoolers can build in an any way they want.  Excellent for creativity and imagination, whilst developing social skills and role play.

We’re looking forward to seeing how it fairs with our army of tiny testers!

LEGO Duplo Creative Cakes is available from for around £19.99

Toy Testers say Let Me In!

17 Aug

The exclusive Rainbow Toy Testers are raring to go.

Products have been shipped the our testers and up and down the land mums and dads are opening brown boxes….With exciting toys inside…

As most of you know, the Rainbow Awards are judged on a variety of criteria, one of which is packaging, in particular ‘ease of entry’.

It’s quite unusual to get a toy where the child can begin playing all on their own, often scissors, a sharp knife or even a screwdriver is needed to get the toy out of the box!

Here at Rainbow HQ we’re seeing some nice high scores for Eco- friendly packaging that is child friendly too, we’re glad to say!

Whatever Next!

10 Aug

We loved the latest story from ToyNews.

The latest wave of the blind-bag collectable includes a woman ‘with child.’

A ‘Pregnant Woman’ has been included in Series 3 of Playmobil’s mystery-bagged pocket money line, Fi?ures.

The expectant mother character, designed to be in the early stages of pregnancy, was made after Playmobil received requests from ‘children across the globe’, who send in hundreds of ideas and drawings to the toy maker every month.

Fi?ures Series 3 has two new assortments of twelve figures, one for boys and one for girls, priced at £1.99 per pack.

Other characters include a British Guardsman, a Pop Star, and a Statue of Liberty styled character (Playmobil didn’t say which one was responsible for the pregnant woman).

Fi?ures characters come in pieces and must be constructed so kids can build, take apart, or mix and match body parts and accessories to create their own characters.

Story courtesy of ToyNews August 2012

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