Parents spend more than £10,000 buying toys for each child before they turn 18

28 Aug

A new study has discovered that competitive parenting and peer pressure was increasing parents spend on toys for their children.

One in six parents feel “under pressure” to ensure their youngster has the latest accessories, despite the fact that the trend for expensive play has fuelled money worries. The report, commissioned by the makers of Ribena Plus, 
questioned more than 2,000 parents and found that 71 per cent said they thought their own low-tech ‘simpler’ childhoods were more fun. But 17 per cent said they felt like ‘not a good enough parent’ if they could not afford to buy their child the latest craze.

In the report, Sally Goddard Blythe, a neuropsychologist, said there was now ‘less play that develops gross and fine motor skills, less robust, physical play experiences and less social interaction and communication’.

Story Courtesy of Toys n Playthings Magazine

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