Award Category: Games

28 Sep

Winner:  LOGO What am I?

By:  Drumond Park Ltd

Age Suitability:  8 years+

Price:  £24.99

Stockist:, Argos, Hamleys, The Entertainer

More Information:

Description:  A new multi-activity, picture-based game designed especially for children.  Players are asked to ‘guess it’, ‘draw it’ or ‘describe it’ and there are hundreds of cards featuring well-known brands – from the iPod and Crocs to Heinz and Kellogg’s.

What the testers said:  ‘Really good fun, I was amazed at how many logos he knew’ and ‘A good quality game that will last a long time’


Highly Commended:  Telestrations

By:   John Adams Leisure Ltd

Age Suitability:  8 years+

Price: £24.99

Stockist:, Tesco, Argos, Smyths Toys

More Information:

Description:  A fast paced drawing game based on a round robin of drawing and guessing your opponents objects to reveal hilarious and unpredictable outcomes.  A pictorial twist on the classic Chinese Whispers concept, players keep passing, drawing and guessing until everyone has played with the aim of the game being, the last guess matches the original word.

What the testers said: ‘Lots of fun and plenty of laughing’ and ‘Played for nearly an hour, would be great at gatherings and parties’

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