What toys can I enter for the Rainbow Awards?

Any toys, games, puzzles or consoles that launched on or after January 1st 2012 but they must be available to send to testers when the entry form and fee is posted.

How many products can I enter?

There is no limit to the number of products you can enter – each entry is £125.

What categories can I enter in?

There is a selection of categories on the entry forms. Simply tick the ones that you think best apply to your product – we reserve the right to change the category if we think it fits better in another.

What happens if I miss the entry deadline?

The deadline is final and late entries cannot be accepted.

Who are the judges?

Your toys will be judged by children (overseen by their parents and carers), all carefully chosen for the correct age, gender and setting. Feedback from all these sources will be collated and the winners chosen.

What information is used to decide which are the best products?

The testers judge toys on a variety of attributes. Play value, longevity, value for money, eco-friendliness, build quality and packaging are all taken into consideration.

When will the winners be announced?

We will announce the winners online on September 28, 2012, starting at 10am.

Can I use the Rainbow Awards logo on press releases/packaging/advertisements/blog for my product if I win an award?

Yes!  We will help you to use the relevant Award badge for any promotional purpose – we can supply the badge in a variety of formats for print or web use.

What if I enter but my product is not ready in time?

If you enter an item it is your responsibility to ensure it will be ready to send to testers in a timely manner, we reserve the right to cancel the entry of any late items – entry fees will not be refunded.

Can I see the comments testers have made about my product?

Yes, we see this as an important part of product development and if you request the comments they will be sent to you.  However, all comments will remain totally anonymous – this ensures that all our testers feel happy and secure enough to comment exactly as they feel.

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