iball3 – Grab a Gadget this Christmas!

8 Jul

In the post bag today came iball3 from HTI!

iball3 is a clear ball with an electronic display inside.  The idea of the game is to get six lights in sequence to light up all the same colour within a certain time.  There are two levels of play….

iball 3

Succeed and a code will allow access to interactive aspects of the website.

We think boys especially will love this one!  It’s suitable for ages 8 – 80…

At £19.99 from Hamleys, Toys R Us and Tesco we think it’ll be on rather a few Christmas wish lists!

There’s more info at www.iball3.com

One Response to “iball3 – Grab a Gadget this Christmas!”

  1. Chris Woodgate July 8, 2011 at 4:50 pm #

    Looks interesting and a gadget all the family can interact with what fun could be had.

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