Circa finds its way to the awards…

12 Jul

Prompted by a simple question “How long until I go swimming mummy?” – Melinda Holohan has launched a new and exciting calendar toy – Circa.

Circa – the Circular Calendar – is an educational toy calendar specifically designed to help children understand the cycles of the calendar using the toy’s innovative rotating and circular stacking design.

Mumpreneur Melinda says – “I wanted to present the calendar such that children could visually understand its cyclical nature. We are taught to use the calendar reading left to right, but intuitively, for some children, this doesn’t make sense, as the days seem to come to an end when presented linearly. So I thought, wouldn’t it be easier to just present the calendar in a circular form to make the concept easier to grasp?”  

The Circa design is based on ease of learning for children in a gradual progression at their individual paces. They can explore each of the different pieces individually and fit them together as their knowledge increases.

“In designing Circa, it was also important that the calendar was presented as a toy. Time awareness is one of the hardest concepts for children to learn, so I wanted it to be fun and tactile. Children love movable pieces, stacking objects and sticking things, so it was a bonus that these were all things that were integral to Circa’s design,she explains.

Circa is divided into four pieces that represent a major cyclical event in the calendar:

  • the days of the week disc
  • the months of the year disc, including a rotating seasons sub-disc
  • the days of the month disc
  • and a perpetual year dial

Full features are:

  • movable markers on each disc to highlight a day, month or date
  • removable and reusable vinyl activity stickers to be used to emphasise an important event
  • colour coded days of the week to separate between weekend and week days
  • colour coded months of the year to correspond with the number of days in each month
  • seasons disc that can be rotated depending on which hemisphere you are in
  • days of the week nursery rhyme on the reverse side of the disc
  • months of the year nursery rhyme on the reverse side of the disc


“The idea and design for Circa came to me overnight but its actual development to get it ready for retail has taken almost two years. The process has been long but really worth it, as I believe in the product and that children will not only enjoy it but also benefit from it.”

Circa will be available from in October at £39.99

More information is at

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